Written Correspondence between Ali And Mu'awiya in Explaining Nahjul- Balagha by Ibn Abi Hadeed- Stylistic Artistic Comparison

Aqeel Jasim Dahash

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 20, Pages 389-432

Remember our history and correspondence crucial correspondence between Ali and Muawiya reflect the position of each of the political events that took place in the Islamic nation that historical era and style in the management of the conflict between the two, which were written in a powerful and influential graphic style.
The researcher tried to shed light on aspects of the stylistic and technical aspects of the texts of those correspondence , and crystallized in five sections , I dealt with the study methods ( command , forbidding , question , section , indefinite ) , addressing the second aspect of synthetic texts correspondence of ( introduction, connectivity , infrastructure nominal , the actual structure ) , and singled out the third study the patterns of the technical picture ( simile , metaphor , antithesis ) , while the fourth singled devising connotations tenses , while the fifth has dealt with the impact of the Koran in the texts of correspondence in terms of ( words , compositions , pictures). The researcher adopted the analytical approach to clarify the implications of the texts and the disclosure of the purpose of the speaker and the statement of the purposes of speech .
The researcher found the results of several Ibzha that what distinguishes those correspondences that they both needed the other to see him about the events and situations witnessed by the nation in that era, Kalmoagaf of the Caliphate and caliphs former and the murder of Caliph Uthman and its aftermath as well as the stance of the military conflict between the two teams, also saw the correspondence the presence of intertextuality with pictures of the Koran, which is effectively a reflection of the need for technical or graphic on the destination of preaching or indicative of a very semantic is included in some Islamic concepts which necessitated the context of the speech and the subject almkatebh.