The Attitude of the Iranian Journalism towards the Internal Developments in Iran 1918-1925 A.D in the light of the Persian Documents

Alaul Din Mohammed Taqi Al-Hakeem; Ahmed ShakirAbd Al-Allaq

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 26, Pages 267-302

Enjoyed the press and those who made it in Iran a kind of relative freedom during the first phase of old and evolved that movement during the years of the Constitutional Movement, and increased confidence and maturity during the years of the First World War, where the split itself between supporters and opponents of the foreign presence in Iran
After the end of World War I, Bdouat a new phase of life of the Iranian press was based on the basis of mantras homeland and patriotism, and publish articles and studies concerned with the political and economic reality and try to pull the country from the miserable reality that was experienced, Vtosst many of the press office and made applications to become prime minister in order to allow open press centers, have varied orientations for those Asahv scientific ones, including the apolitical and other Tdbeh and so on
However, after the 1921 coup, the Iranian press has entered a dark tunnel, which is authoritarian Reza Khan Aldva Minister and the Prime Minister then, and trying to adapt the press to serve the purposes and objectives of the central and extremist policy
And because of that he followed Reza Khan power politics with opponents of the owners of national newspapers, and tried many of the bills within the dome to Aberlman, which was the goal of which is to subdue the press and policy orientations extremist pass