Morphometric Analysis of Characteristics of the Rebaish Basin of the in Najaf Province using GIS

Kamil HamzaFleifel Al-assadi

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 25, Pages 253-274

The research aims to detect variation morphometric characteristics of the valley Rbaish within the Western Plateau in the province of Najaf and the impact of geographic and natural of the situation and geological characteristics of the surface, climate and water resources, soil and natural vegetation to contrast those characteristics factors, included a search spatial and morphological characteristics of the terrain and the characteristics of network valleys using GIS analysis , showing which of the basin reached maturity or balance in its Erosion Basin occupies an area of 308 km 2, mostly in the western plateau province of Najaf, a small part in the Diwaniyah province, as the basin is located within the pavement is stable twisted when the division of Iraq physiographic .
The research includes the introduction included the problem and hypothesis and the goal and importance and methodology and spatial boundaries and came first topic to study the natural factors of the study area, while eating the second section analysis of the most important morphometric characteristics of the basin and water network using geographic information systems and a number of important programs then the most important results that have been reached.