Contentwhispering in preceptglass for Imam Jafar Ben Mohammed Al-Sadeq

Somya H. Hassalyan; RooyaKmaly

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 29, Pages 83-114

Advice or will is considered as the most significant literary skills and training methods; it is wisdom and experience treasure. Since, Pedagogy as the main map of human personality and a way toward a healthy society; it covers a vast domain of advice concept. Regarding its significance, religious heritage such as Mohammad Prophet and our Imams tradition (sonat) is not poor regarding such concepts. As an instance, Imam Jafar al Sadigh advices.
This paper studies pedagogic concepts based on Imam al Sadigh trainings and based on presenting some samples in “ Prophet and Imams’ Advices” by Seyed Hashem Rasouli Mahalati” in a analytic and descriptive method; its scope is divided into three distinct categories.
During the discussion, it is clear that Imam Al-Sadegh advices are derived from Quran and Prophet’s words and they stand on pedagogic pivots. Imam defines these advices as ways of human’s return to his own nature. Imam Sadegh as a great instructor of humanity makes benefit of various methods for teaching pedagogic concepts and Indeed, as a wise man who is a master of aesthetics gives brightness to his own words; he dies them in colors of literary meaning and beauty in order to help audience in enjoying and influencing others.
Key words : Imam Al-Sadigh , Advices and will , pedagogy , Training , Faith , Ethics