The Effects of Teaching Aids "maps , earth balls, and trips" in Teaching Geography in Pre-University stages.

Abd Ali Hasen Al-Khaffaf; Abdul Kadhim Al-Hilu; Zainab Hasan Habib

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 20, Pages 13-60

This research refers to the importance of using modern teaching aids by teachers in teaching geography in pre-university stages in order to help learners to understand and acquire scientific knowledge and skills . Because of the world has been witnessed a scientific progress , the educational organizations have to do many responsibilities towords the society in order to develop this society and to help people to be familiar with it (society). Therefore reserchers try to make use of reliable sources concerning with the subject of this research to write it .They discovered some results stating on providing the most developing teaching aids such as fixed and moved films, computer,radio and to direct (order) pupils with some activities outside the school, such as school incurions which help teacher to a chieve the aims of school approaches.