A study of the technical Qur`anic Image according to the psychological method, the stories of Zakariyah and Mariam as a practical model.

Ali Motory; im ammory

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 19, Pages 191-220

Psychological science improved and created a close relationship with literary criticism. The reason for this fact is psychological reading of literature. In literary criticism, the school of psychology reviews literature from psychological point of view and increases the artistic image of the work. Nobody denies the influence of the Holy Quran on human psyche. In this research, the artistic images created in Quranic stories are explored in the framework of new literary criticism in line with literary schools. Two Quranic stories from Sura Maryam (SA) are selected. They are the story of Zakaria and the story of Mary and her child (God's peace be upon them). Both stories are analyzed psychologically and the influence of artistic images is mentioned. It has a direct effect on the human psyche. The reason for this fact is that Quranic stories are short. These stories include human mission and guidance towards light, mercy and magnanimity. We found out that artistic image has a direct influence on the reader’s psyche. This research aims to indicate the influence of artistic image on the reader’s psyche. This is a descriptive-analytical research.
Keywords:Artistic Image,School of Psychology, Quran stories, Zachariah (as),Maryam(Q).