Employment art embodiment In Imam Al-Sajadprayer

MosaArabi; HusseinMohtadi; MahdiTarkashond

Adab Al-Kufa, In Press

Imam Sajjad’s prayers (supplications) constitute an important part of our religious literature. These prayers are a means of praying to God and expressing inner and latent feelings within chest. The abstract and deep spiritual concepts and the moral and emotional color of these prayers have led Imam Sajjad (p.b.h) to choose an outstanding and artistic expression for better transmission of the prayer message to his audience. One of the expressive and artistic styles that could fulfill this important task is artistic incarnation. This manuscript tried to examine these functions by implementing an analytical- descriptive procedure in Imam Sajjad’s prayers. Analysis of artistic incarnation in some passages of Imam Sajjad’s supplications show that as a result of visualizing abstract and intellectual concepts, not only the audience does not feel alienated and being distant from the spiritual world, but also is able to easily understand the universe with his senses. And this issue helps his richness of faith and belief (in God).
Keywords: Artistic Incarnation, Prayer, Imam Sajjad (p.b.h)