The Omayyad State Relation with the Byzantine Stateduring the era of Mo`uiyah bin Abi Suffyan

Abdullah Hussein waly Arafat

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 10, Pages 265-292

During the era of the Caliphate Mo`uiyah bin Abi Suffyan there were Crusades that were more, in number، than that occurred in the following era، at least, till the Abbasside era were the Crusades increased، that refers to the efforts of this Caliphate and his interesting in the fortified borderline cities and preparing armies to protect the state against the Byzantine Roman attacks، in addition he had developed his military experience to obtain positive results in fighting the Roman، all that is due to his experience and wide acquaintance with the geography of Syria، on one hand، and the Roman movements` nature، on the other hand، and that is because he was the waly of this area for a long time before being a caliphate of the Muslims