The Difference between Al- Mansoor and Ibn Hanifa in Judgment.

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 8, Pages 187-203

AbstractThe researcher in the personality of Abu Hanifa does not find the road in front of a temple, it will find the mixes of news accumulated, and extract the image is clear enough for this man through history books and morality seem at first glance easy easy, but this is far the truth, because the followers of his doctrine Gallois, until there were over by the Rank-Faqih industrious, and approached by the homes of the prophets sent, they claim that the Bible preached, and that the Prophet (PBUH) said his name, and that SE nation, and the appellants it was excessive to say, until they took him down from its position of a Muslim, and the mug Kadhin and praise Almadhin, confounding Mind of a researcher who investigates the truth without the other does not go out of this maze, but after much effort, and the center of this mixture accumulated addressed the specific issue in the life of this character is the issue of disagreement between him and al-Mansur in his judicial office, which he named some b (ordeal) and what became of him this The ordeal of putting an end to the life of Abu Hanifa