A survey to estimate the environmental and economic impact of the increase in fuel consumption due to low pressure tires in DhiQar Governorate

RaadJawad; Jamal Tuma Nasser; TaqiRaadJawad

Adab Al-Kufa, In Press

This study was conducted in Thi – Qar governorate at the year 2016 to realize the effect of access in fuel consumption as a result of low tyre air pressure on economical and ecological sides . Five sites were selected to carry out the study ( Qalaatsikar - Rifai - Shatra - Nasserrya and Suq–Al Shuookh garages ) .The total surveyed cars was 250 which be included by the study . The results showed that a high number of cars that their tyres pressure were lower than be designed and the percentage of these cars was 46% . This percentage causes an increase in fuel consumption ranged between 1956.881 to 4920.091 m3 , This quantity is very harmful on ecological and economical sides, it caused roaring between 880596450 to 2214040950 Iraqi dinar and caused access in Carbon Dioxide emission ranged between 5117.24 – 12866.03 Ton , Therefore this case must be treated to save ecology and national economy