The context semantic in Al-Isra’a Sura

Samir Dawod Salman

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 7, Pages 227-269

Abstract The context plays an important role in detecting the semantic to be delivered to the listeners and to reach this semantic it should be linked the word with some current phonetic proves. The context is dived into two parts the linguistics (internal) and non-linguistics (external), then the linguistic context is meant the uniform of the words and the connection of the words within the context with its relation by the prior and posterior words assisting in clarifying the meaning or considering the sentences analyzing it according different fields of language while the non-linguistic is meant the proverbs and ambiguity accompanied with the text surrounding it ; i.e., subjecting the text to the external environment. Pivots included with three chapters. First: The context of Quranic verse which is meant studying the relation between the components of Quranic verse itself or the verses between them to consolidate the text ; these are one of the most important motives attracted the attention of linguists (interpreters) through the science they have, knowing the occasion representing the importance of the relation between the occasion and the context as the latter is deemed of the most important principles of the unity of the text and its consolidation. The linguistic proves clear effect in merging some context semantics in Isra’a Verse either grammatical, internal syntax linguistic, the issue for which the external context depending upon in detecting the semantic on external components the first one of which is the reasons of descending of Quranic verses and miracles so that some words and pronounces and unknowns in the Quranic text never been known unless reviewing the events leading to descend the miracles and the second ones is the physical movement as the context of the proverb may recall some physical movement to be in compatible with the event requirements which felt in Israa verse in some nouns in which it was mentioned such (Yanqudhon, A’aridh and Na’a Bijanibeh( .Finally Some Quranic words have relations with traditions of the community and its norms the most important words mentioned in Israa Verse is (Taiyer) (Qatel Al-Awlad).