Contiguity in conten mental for Three Lamyat (Arab,Persan , and Turk) in behavecomparative

Mahmod Haydery; Maryam Eshrak Bor Msc

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 34, Pages 149-178

The conflict between ancient literary works has been a common phenomenon in the literature, and the Arabs had a special interest in writing conflicts ،quintupling, splitting and creating assimilation of the idols and imitation of it. Poets in different periods have controversy with the works of other famous poets-because of their interest in those works or in order to express their supremacy toward them.
Among the controversies that have received special attention are the lamia poems that many poets have proceeded
Like a Toghrayi controversy in the Lamia al-ajam verse with the lamia al-Arab's of Shanfara, followed by Nayer Tabrizi's controversy in his Lamia al-Turk with Lamia al-ajam.
The existence of many apparent similarities between these sayings led us to a comparative study of the intellectual axes of Lamia al-arab, Lamia al-ajam and Lamia al-Turk, then to examine the extent of the success of Lamia al-turk through its controversy.
This research is based on comparative studies of the american method as
In this school, the difference in language is not a condition and it does not deny the existence and impact of the material in question. The results of the research show that all three poets refer to some common intellectual axes and affirm them. These axes are consist of :
reaching dignity through displacement and movement, reciting amorous poems and lyric verses, the discontent of all three poets towards the place where poetry is composed, Take refuge in utopia after being exiled and feeling homesick, patience, avoid greed, and honor .All of this is the result of the common psychological conditions that the poets have been, such as the aversion to the people and dissatisfaction with the place they were at that time .Although there are similarities in these axes, the words of each poetry have their own characteristics that are specific to the speaker and in accordance with its terms. This paper proves that the controversy of Nayer poetry has been unsuccessfully proceeded because ,despite the many similarities that exist between lamiyat al-turk and two other verses, especially poetry of Toghrayi, the reader is brought to the attention of the owner of the work. The cause of it goes to that Nayer retains the two proportions between poetry and his terms, and on the other hand, his words and expressions, with some similarities, are devoted to him.