Rhythmical Visions in the Poetry of Mudhafar Al-Nawwab

Raheem Kheraybut Atiyya AL-saidy

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 16, Pages 231-268

The research found that the adoption of the poet Muthaffar AL nawwab seas net rhythm outside, and stability on the initialized one in the poem lengthy project visionary meaningful confirmed structures percussion to Mtolath, which could be considered a cause of the visions of poetic coordinated, there are formats in rhythm external generated them visions noodles The most important: introductory infrastructure and construction style and structural flexible rhythmic criterion, as well as the poetic content flows.
Among energies art is also the rhythm poetic procedure, which is based on the bells sound chime generating visions of poetry appear on the patterns of repetition and uniformity and balance turned mostly to formats semantic incubator for visions of poetry and that the search in the sources of art reveals the poetry hidden behind the structure rhythmic phenomenon acoustically and visually