Contradiction Concept for Avicenna

idy; JawadKadhimSamary Al- Sa; Mohammed Abdul- Mahdi Salman

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 23, Pages 155-178

This research deals with the concept of inference (induction) linguistically and terminologically.According to the relevantliterature, researchers hove divided the inference in to two types : immediate and non- immediate.In this research the opposition part of immediate inference has been adopter
The opposition has four division ; Contradiction , Contrast, sub- contrast and sub- alertness .The purpose of this poper is to review the contradiction according to Avicenna point of view. Themothed of Comparative Analytic has been employed in this reseach.The research reveal that Avicenna has found that all the proposition do not obey to the rules of the contradiction except this Categorical proposition.