Iraq educational satellite channel fulfillment of the final classes students requirements- A field study in a sample of Baghdad schools 'students

AmmarTahir Mohammed

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 30, Pages 237-284

This research paper deals with the frame satiate Iraqi satellite s educational needs teaching for students of classes ended where conducted the field study on a sample of Baghdad school students because of the large role that could be played by the educational TV to the upgrading process pedagogical after technical developments in the media and the education sector alike.
Researcher aims through scientific procedures to identify satisfy and motivation for the students of ended classes– the sixth preparatory specifically- through exposure to educational and satellite Iraq investigate the reason s for follow – up and aversion MHAHDT educational lessons as well as the need insisted .
The researcher by the results of his research to several conclusions , notably that Iraqi Satellite TV pedagogical need to re- consider the style to provide lessons for students of stages ending and make these methods NES to dry lessons for follow up and students stages ending watching satellite Iraq pedagogical limited to to no more than often for
On the other hand a number of ending stages students acknowledge satellite educational Iraq to satisfying their wishes and meet their needs in terms of submission of all the lessons and cover the entire curriculum to be an easy way through the well – known teachers experience and efficiency as allows them to communicate in different ways..
And it was based on research into Arabic and foreign translate modern sources as well as websites for allotropy theoretical research topic in a way pave to realize a broader specially that educational television is generally longer useful experience in Iraq, spacious and large in many Arab countries and the world .