Semantic dimension for similar context in meaning in Quranic text

JalilaSalih Sahib; Fadhila Abdul Abbas; TamadharQaedRadhi

Adab Al-Kufa, In Press

The verses similar look distinct from the manifestations of miracles chart, it is adorable organized and Rhode duplicate verses Blfezha, or with different moving in to pronounce or organized, is magnificence methods he singled out each verse word singled Mnazertha last word whether they violate them in the construction and in the meaning or synonymous with her; the difference in names and phrases requires the difference in semantics; therefore put each word in the intended position in the verses Almchaphettin to perform dimensional semantic and nods required by the context, and in that the secrets of language; because the sentence or word variation and even a character in similar contexts highlights the great secrets and sentenced strange not imagined only of meditating and manages this great miracle; so you must accommodate outlook to include the full text of its different levels (lexical, and audio, and morphological, and structural, and semantic), taking into account the linguistic context and non-linguistic; to stand connotations characteristics and the pros drafted.
As the words are the text key and the reins of what the connotations and symbols allocated this research to study the (appropriate words contexts similar in the Quranic text), brought together Find a prelude and two axes, eating boot terminology launched by scientists in ancient times, and recently on the like-verbal phenomenon, and devoted the first axis to discuss (Quranic words and accuracy selected), while the second axis was entitled: (a sign similar contexts in the word in the text of the Quran).