Textile Industry in Moajem Al- Buldan For Yaqhoot Al- Hamawy

Imad Hadi Al- Yasiry; Talib jasim Al- Eanezy

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 8, Pages 37-58


The information in our hands that Yaqout Al-Hamawi has informed us with in Mu'jam Al-Buldan, mentions cloth weaving a lot. Weaving was one of the most significant crafts. Through this book we had information about various types of industries but weaving remains the most prominent one for Yaqout Al-Hamawi because it is related to all daily aspects of life and what people need of cloth, blankets, sheets and other needs. Therefore he directed all his attention towards this type of industry. For all the Islamic cities which Yaqout Al-Hamawi wrote about, he mentioned their famous crafts like weaving and others.