Climatic Characteristics of Al-Najaf province and their relation with bush growth affecting rice protection

Mhamood B. Ali; AliM.Tayeh

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 32, Pages 69-102

Rice food crop diet is one of the basic food security pillars, so all nations strive for providing a barrier to the need of the growing population numbers with high living standards, increasing the demand for it, and it was Iraq is one of the exporting countries of rice until the end of the last century, then taken it produced to decrease as a result of water scarcity and the worsening the problem of the spread of the weeds in the rice fields, which cause significant losses in production of up to (63%), permission must work to increase production so as to combat what grows from the weeds in the rice fields, and to achieve this goal has to be to look for the characteristics of the weeds, which help on survive and spread , as well as research in the most important climatic characteristics of the search area, which helps the growth of the weeds that negatively affect the quantity and quality of the production of rice, to develop treatments that would limit the damage to the weeds, we have reached research to a number of outcomes favorable climatic characteristics of the province of Najaf for the growth confirmed rice crop and weeds together, with the weeds to withstand extremes in the ability of these elements and to cope with it, and with a strong correlation between the growth of the weeds and rice on the one hand and between climate elements combined by finding the correlation coefficient between them.