Geographical Analysis of Thermal Extremism Phenomena and Hot Waves in Al-Najaf Governorat

NajahAbd Jabir Al-Jibouri

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 27, Pages 403-420

Received the face of repeated thermal extremism and heat waves great importanc in climate studies because of their effect great on different aspects of life as it is the thermal elemant of the most important climatic factors important in determining the current general climate andMaaeksh that the impact on systems Albaaloger of the living plant it and fauna as well as activities Urban, which is being handied by human and give a detailed picture of the situation thermal in general and the statement of cases of heat extremism and volatility that you get from time to time and perhaps during the day and in spite of the face that maintaining a climat characterized by high temperatues rates during the hot season of the year as temperatures rise in some more days rates of normal and that due to local fators and regional as nahth Najaf recorded climatic degree dialogue reached (51.4 m)