Diagrammaticperformance and his artisticeffect in Holy Quran (patronymicutterance example)

Aqeel A. Mebder; Rasha J. Sadeq

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 29, Pages 71-82

IT was Known among people, and among their midst a proverbial phrases, taken from Ayat of the Quran or parts of Ayat, it was made as a proverbs used in argument and persuasion and influence the other, on condition that conform to the event which used to represent ,and not leads to fragmentation of the text or the dismantling of its objectivity or the Quran text utilization be away from the event which is used for, so that ,this wrong utilization makes the Quran phrase subject of fun or detract from the sanctity of miraculous text.
The phrases that used as a proverbs are many in the Quran, and it's use is subject to several factors, and the most important is the Cultural and knowledge level of the speaker, and the extent of his ability to call the Quran term inventory that he has, and how to display the word used as an example, in an understood manner to the recipient
The modalities of expression of these phrases were different, the performance of statement has a largest share in the proverbial expression, particularly the metonymy expression , it can be divided by the representation into three types:
1. Metonymy from names of well-known or famous people.
2. Stories and News.
3. Artistic metonymy portrayal.