An Evaluation of John Burton's Research on the Collection of the Qur’ān in the Encyclopedia of the Qur’ān

Rahman Oshriyeh; Ali Mohammad Mir Jalili; Sayyed Mahdi Mirzababayi

Adab Al-Kufa, In Press

A precise understanding of the orientalists' opinions about the qur’ānic and Islamic knowledge and a scientific evaluation of their viewpoints is an undeniable necessity for Muslims. Accordingly, the article at hand aims at evaluation of John Burton's research on the collection of the Qur’ān. The study adopts a library research method through an analytic-critical approach, though this should not be taken to mean that descriptive methods have not been used. Burton's research manifests his extensive investigation of the qur’ānic and Islamic sources. The information that he has reported in his research indicates that the traditions on the collection of the Qur’ān started to extend and evolve in the third century AH. Nonetheless, he has not tried to explain that whether any source historically substantiates his illustration of the evolution of these traditions or not. This is the most important criticism against Burton's research on the issue of the collection of the Qur’ān.