Will and its concept in the verse of cleansing

Mohsen Haidari; Sayed Mohamed

Adab Al-Kufa, In Press

The meaning of determination in “Tathir (purification) verse” directly affects confirming or rejecting the infallibility of Ahl-ul-Bait. The majority of Imamia scholars demonstrate and confirm this infallibility through creational confirmation in Tathir verse. The majority of the Sunni scholars who believe in the legislative aspect of determination in Tathir verse reject infallibility for Ahl-ul-Bait. This study is an attempt to demonstrate the creational aspect of the determination in Tathir verse, clarifying the uncertainty of determination being opposite free will and prove the infallibility of Ahl-ul-Bait. Of course, some of the Imamia scholars have tried to confirm the infallibility of Ahl-ul-Bait through the primacy of certainty, despite confirming the legislative aspect of the determination of Ahl-ul-Bait. Some other Imamia scholars have showed their belief in the “confirmatory determination” in Tathir verse to escape the uncertainty about the opposition between creational determination and free will. In other words, the intention of determination in Tathir verse is neither creational determination nor legislative determination. Then Ahl-ul-Bait are infallible through the divine confirmation. In this research, of course, the latter two theories have been examined and criticized and the creational aspect of determination has