Industrial Pollution in Al Najaf Al Ashraf Governorate

Mohammad Jewad Abbas

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 3, Pages 174-194

Throughout concentrating at the problem of the industrial pollution, we can find solution thus increasing the effectiveness of industry and its ability to develop the region in various aspects of life without causing damage. So this research deals with the effect of industry on the environment throughout field study which has been achieved by the researcher in the great industrial institutions in Al-Najaf governorate.
The problem of this research concerns with the industrial pollution in Al-Najaf governorate especially the industries that pollute the air and the damage they cause and its effects on the living beings in this governorate.
The supposition of this research is the existence of a pollution problem resulted from the industrial activities in the governorate which causes great damages on health in the governorate environment.
This study aims at revealing the environmental effects of the polluted industries in Al-Najaf governorate and recognizing the type of the polluted industry and size of pollution which it causes, then finding the appropriate solutions to limit its effects.
This research sheds light on the industrial pollution in Al-Najaf governorate through dealing with the environmental pollution and the problem of industrial pollution, the kinds of pollution caused by industry in the governorate (air pollution, water pollution and soil pollution). The research has been closed by the conclusions and recommendations as well as a list of references which the researcher has depend on.