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Evaluation of Human Voice Biometrics and Frog Bioacoustics Identification Systems Based on Feature Extraction Method and Classifiers

Al-Ma'mon College Journal
Volume 0, Issue 31, Autumn 2018, Page 176-195
Aws Saad Shawkat


Quadratic Support Vector Machine and K-Nearest Neighbor Based Robust Sensor Fault Detection and Isolation

Engineering and Technology Journal
Volume 39, 5A, Spring 2021, Page 859-869
Ahmed M. Abed; Sabah A. Gitaffa; Abbas H. Issa


Visual Depression Diagnosis From Face Based on Various Classification Algorithms

Engineering and Technology Journal
Volume 38, Issue 11, Autumn 2020, Page 1717-1729
Sana A. Nasser; Ivan A. Hashim; Wisam H. Ali