Karem trade since the late seventh century AH until the ninth / thirteenth centuries AD until the 14th century in the countries of the Middle East

Najeah Jamel

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 34, Pages 367-384

The terms of Al-Karem, Traders and Al-Karemiah had emerged since the last quarter of the Hijra Seventh century. The thirteen century. These terms referred to a group of traders form the Indian subcontinent. They formed a large power of money in the era of Mamluk in Egypt and Syria. Egypt was represented the main center of these traders as they were called "Al-Karemiah" They had a base which from it they wen to Mediterranean Sea countries. They had another bases in Yemen and Haghramawt for receiving goods and equipment which called "alKarim" to the north of Africa, India and the middle countries in Asia. They were main centers for trading distribution.
The available references had mentioned those sellers, their lives, their families and their societal connection. They were making strong groups through the societal ties with each other which strengthen by the marriage and relatively connection. It seemed that the Mamluk in Egypt were standing against those rich sellers, so they took their properties and possessions for making them powerless and wear. They destroyed their trading houses by forcing them to pay taxes or seizing their possess ons directly. This was the general behavior in Mamluk policies, even if there was a difference from one Sultan to another.