Yemen's political conditions in the Islamic era through the book of the lexicon of the countries of Liaqut al-Hamawi (d. 626 AH / 1228 AD)

wafy Mohamed Attia; HatemKarimJayyad

Adab Al-Kufa, In Press

The study, titled "The political conditions of Yemen in the Islamic era through the book Dictionary of countries of sapphire Hamwi addressed (Tel: 626 e / 1228 m)," the case of Yemen from the two axes foundations, it has dealt with the first axis "enter Yemen in Islam" as it highlighted the researcher highlights immigration, as well as for apostasy movements after the spread of Islam in the Arabian Peninsula, Yemen was one of the provinces, and they relate to invite the Prophet (Allah bless him and his family), he sent her from calling her family to Islam and there were several campaigns headed to Yemen with a view to edit and invite the family to Islam Voslmwa then after that Yemen has become one of the most important regions in the Islamic Arab state, while taking second axis "Yemen in the era of the caliphate and the Islamic state as the researcher the case of Yemen in the eras of the Umayyad and Abbasid until the death of Sapphire Hamwi (Tel: 626 e / 1228 m)", This research has come to the conclusions, including the history of Yemen has passed several historical stages, including the stage of Islamic history since the beginning of the Islamic Dawa and its impact on immigration as well as the owner of the Islamic Dawa of apostasy from Islam and the position of the people of Yemen, including through was confirmed by Sapphire Hamwi movements as well as the rest of the historical sources .