Water supplysystemduring theSassanid dynastyand Islamicera of Arjan City


Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 34, Pages 33-50

Southwesternparts of Farsprovince, officially entitled Argan (Arjan), received attention of the dominant governments inSassanid dynastyand from the early centuries to mid-centuries oftheIslamicera due to its privileged naturaland geographical situation. The central city of this well-known province was called Argan or Arjan. The most importantfactor forthe prosperity ofthis city was thepropercommunication status, as well as the naturaltalents available there such asTabRiverwhichflewthroughthecity. The founders of the city used indoorandundergroundcanal system to utilize the water of the aforementioned river for household andagricultural consumptions. Historical and geographicalsources have briefly described this water supply system andirrigationsystem. Seriousarchaeological studieshave not been conductedin this area. Fieldsurveys conducted within the city and surrounding areashas shown that the consumption of thewater of Tab River has been done by means of the famous dam of Argan. In addition, the water required for the surrounding orchards and gardens had been running from behind the dam towards the city via numerous channels like Qanats. This method led to the prosperity and cultivation of the agricultural economy and also welfare of thecitizensin hot seasons of the year. The above-mentioned irrigation and water supplysystemswere greatly used until thecompletedestructionof the city. After the destruction ofArgan dam, the channels became out of Fashion andnew systemsreplacedthepreviousmethods