The contributions of Rashid al-Din al-Suri (573-639 AH / 1177-1241 CE) in the development of the Arab Islamic civilization (botany as a model)

Hamdiya Saleh Daly

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 36, Pages 455-488

Rashid AL-Din AL-Suri is considered one of the most eminent scholars on the medical level. However, he has not been given enough attention by historians. Therefore, we have to dust these giant figures and explain their virtue in providing medical services to the community using plants and discovering their functions. And during that time he was accompanied by a painter and with him dugs, pens and ink to draw the plant at all stages of its life.
It was based on the visual logic based on the accuracy of observation, inspection and follow-up, so it left us the legacy of civilization represented by the mobile medical school, which includes dozens of scientists and doctors, as well as many of his writings in this area, which benefited the Arab world very much.