Studying the poetry of resistant captures under the Israeli occupation


Adab Al-Kufa, In Press

Most of Palestinian youths entered to the prison of the occupiers and this research is about the literature of the resistance of poets that are captured and freedom mantra chanted; some of them were released, they are too many such as Mahmoud Darwish, Samih al-Qasim, TawfiqZeiad and Fayez Abu Shmalh and etc. In this research we will study the poetry of “Resistance in Prisons” and from the point of view of new literary criticism will review it, in this type of literature we see the symbol and its many applications. And we also find a lot of terminology that are related to the resistance literature; Words such as, detention centers, prison, friends, freedom, land and so on. In this article we will investigate about the resistant captive’s poem and will refer to the characteristics and symbols of this poetry. Research methodology of this article is descriptive-analytical.