Shihabul-Din Bin Al-Attar Al-Dunaysari His Life and What is left of his Poetry Study and Aestheticism

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 20, Pages 219-294

Shihabul-Din Bin Al-Attar Al-Dunaysari is one of the poets of Egypt who lived in the eighth century after Al-Higra, he is a creative poet, who well capable in his art, with a great ability in expressing his feelings and senses. He started writing poetry early in his life what helped him to refine his pietism and literary genius is the artistic nature of Egypt as well as his knowing all what is related to the poetry collections of the Arab poets and memorizing their poetry, therefore he had a high ability in writing poetry which made people ask for his poetry and read it.
His poetry is an honest image reflecting the nature of life which he lived, and the specifications of his time which was full of political concerns and social disturbance. Therefore, I found that the poetry of this poet should be collected, studied and documented for its richness with images and full of meanings making it worthy of study.
The status of Shihabul-Din Bin Al-Attar Al-Dunaysari among the poets of his time lies in several points; he was one of the icons of thought and literature in the eighth century of Al-Hijra for the heritage he left which is evidence of his creativity and genius and out performing many of his colleagues, also, his poetry is regarded as an important historical document in which he recorded the facts of his time in a precise way that no event took place without describing it with poetry and his poetry was full of such events which gave him a social and historical value for this reason. His poetry is lines and short stanzas that do not exceed two or three lines and sometimes five. It is full of inspiring effective images and he wrote in most types of poetry that was known at his time; praise, love, description, satire, blame and mourning