Nasheed al- Jabbar Poem for Abul-Qhasim Al-Shabi( An Analytic study)

Suzan Kamal Shamisul-Dean

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 19, Pages 365-388

These lines go deeply in analyzing the poem, and reveal its meaning and themes . Actually these lines will summarize the results of this research, and they are as follow:
The sensational poetry has a real effectonthegenerationsweather they are young orold. AbuQasemAlshbidiedwhile he was young even though his poems are very effective for his contemporaries and the current generation because of his romantic and rebellious poetry. The poem has three basicprinciplesmake people happy; the first oneisthe seriousand strongwill expresses life, the second isthe harder the conflict the more glorious the triumph, andthe third isto be patient against misfortunes. This poem really combines between the authenticityof the past time and the modernism, as a result of its being classical meter but has the soul of recent romanticism .
These results prove that the superiorityis the combining between contradictive things as life and death, hope and hopelessness, resistance and surrender. Despite of the classical view of this kind of poetry, it combines among all these contradictive ideas to be very effective, as the power of resurrection for died people .