Sayed Mohammed Mohammed Baqhir al- Sader Critic of the Marks dialectic theory

Hamzah Jabir Sultan; Alaa Shannoon Mater

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 19, Pages 101-128

The Marxian thought based on the dialectical theory, the general theory of socialism and communism, its style is to consider the nature events and its method in research and knowledge is to discover the thinking contradiction and debates, it looks at life, Man and universe as material with auto-developing, there is no Creator nor creature. The world multi events, for it , are different aspects of the mobile material or subject, world develops according to the rules of the subject action, it does not need for a n integrated reason or mind, so dialectics for Marx is the science of the general rules of the action of the outer world or for the human thought. Dialectics considers the material as the base of everything and all life aspects should subject to it otherwise we could not believe it. Rather Sayed Mohammed Mohammed Sadiq Al-Sader does not agree with the dialectics in this field, material is not the base, there are things that do not subject to material but they are exist and to deny them means to deny reality or existence, and that what motivated Sayed Mohammed Al-Sader to critique it.
The dialectical theory is not the innovation of the Marxian thought, rather its roots belong to the Germany philosopher Hegel who put it as a method for his philosophy, Marx adopted it, with some modifications, and on it he had built his ideology in the fields of policy, sociology and economics. It also based on the idea of reasoning cancelling so as to cancelling the reason of the universe then to cancel the existence of the universe Creator, by pretending that the material is the base of everything and that it develops by itself without a developer, and that all life aspects belong to material. Sayed Mohammed Al-Sader critique of the dialectical theory based on the real and scientific evidences, he does not use the metaphysical evidences in his critique, the scientific evidences reveal the mistake of this theory which could not face the scientific development. Marxism, with its dialectical theory aims at obtaining a result says that the economic factors affect the human history movement, and the human societies, due to their contradictories, must reach a society without contradictories, this is the Communist society.