The model proposed standards for the quality of science textbooks from the standpoint of teachers of these materials

Abdul Razzaq S. al-Janabi; Nabaa Abdul RauufSmesim

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 28, Pages 295-332

The aim of the present Research is to construct a proposed model on the basis of the evaluation of the school science textbooks (chemistry , physics and biology ) from the viewpoint of the teachers of these subjects because the Iraqi standards are not available in the present time .
The researcher built a questionnaire based on evaluation of the school science textbooks . the questionnaire consisted of four key areas and four sub – areas regarding the content . the questionnaire examined by experts in education and psychology to ensure its psychometric characteristics . On this basis , the final form of the questionnaire consists of (71) items distributed as follows :
Goals (14) items , Introduction (7) items , content (4) sub – areas consisting of (40) items , the output of the book (10) items. After applying the questionnaire to a random sample of (160) teacher taking from the center of Najaf province and correcting the answer , we used statistical procedures to analyze the date , using the outcome of the percentage and pearson correlation coefficient . The results showed the following :
1- the book output ( 88.798 ) came at first place .
2- content of the book ( 86 . 336) came at second place .
3-introduction to the book ( 85 . 514 ) came at third place .
4-Goals of the book ( 85.510 ) came at fourth place .
On the basis of these result , the questionnaire is acceptable and therefore it is considered as criteria for the quality of science textbooks