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Anemia in Pregnant Women in Kirkuk Governorate

Kirkuk Journal of Medical Sciences
Volume 8, Issue 1, Autumn 2020, Page 78-85
Mohammed Ali Khalaf; Dalia Maher Khider; Bilal Jamal Kamal


Awareness of the Thalassemic Patients’ Parents toward Thalassemia in Kirkuk City

Mosul Journal of Nursing
Volume 2, Issue 2, Summer 2014, Page 58-62
Yousif Abdulmuhsin Salih


Estimation of Metal Accumulation by Boiconcentration Factor Through The Determination of some Heavy Metals in Soil and Common Plants in Different Habitats in Kirkuk City

Journal of Tikrit University For Agriculture Sciences
Volume 17, Issue 3, Summer 2017, Page 103-121
Reidh A. Abduljaba; Sameera F.Muhammad


Evaluation of Acceleration Noise Parameter as a Traffic Flow Performance Indicator for Multi-Lane Urban Highways

Al-Rafidain Engineering Journal (AREJ)
Volume 26, Issue 1, Spring 2021, Page 44-52
Mohammed Hussein Naef; Abdulkhalik M. Al-Taei


Evaluation of Public and Private Schools Physical Environment Standardized Features in Kirkuk City

Mosul Journal of Nursing
Volume 1, Issue 2, Summer 2013, Page 27-34
Hewa Star Salih; Mohammed Fathel Khalifa


Physical and Chemical Characteristics Comparison of the Drinking Water and Water Produced from the Conventional and Modification Solar Water Distillery

Engineering and Technology Journal
Volume 37, 6A, Spring 2019, Page 214-221
Hussein H. Mohammed Ali; Sabah T. Ahmed


Seroprevalence of Neospora caninum infections in cattle in Kirkuk province

Iraqi Journal of Veterinary Sciences
Volume 35, Issue 2, Spring 2021, Page 331-334
Mohammed Y. Nooraldin; Shaheen A. Jaafar; Abdulmuniem I. Salih


Study the ability of using of solar energy for domestic heating in Kirkuk city

Kirkuk University Journal-Scientific Studies
Volume 2, Issue 1, Spring 2007, Page 1-10
O.K. Ahmad; H. Ahmed


The Prevalence of Viral Hepatitis B and C among Multitransfused Thalassaemic Patients in Azadi Teaching Hospital in Kirkuk City

Kirkuk Journal of Medical Sciences
Volume 2, Issue 1, Summer 2014, Page 1-6
DilshadSabir Mohammed; Amanj Mohammed Salih; Mohammed FatihHaseeb