Position of Al-Shea from radical Islamic current until the end of Abased age

Jwad.K. Shayb

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 24, Pages 359-390

We talked about the position of the Shiite extremist currents, one of the largest Islamic sects and has a strong and determined attitudes toward those currents, particularly people of the house (peace be upon him).
The Thashit dwell on display some vocabulary that may raise Hvidh section of the researchers, who are unfamiliar with the cash method, Vohalt matter to the sources and references that can refer to it directly to find out the contradiction in some of their resources or texts, especially ideological ones.
It was found that wading in the midst of these extremist currents back to the historical period that followed the death of the Prophet (peace be upon him) and then extended to several decades, and despite the critical importance of which is characterized by those sensitive era, where political, social and cultural roots has been formed Muslims but they have not received the desired attention by researchers and thinkers, and become a lot of intellectuals do little about known, and for some few scattered studies that took place around the eating of that era methods may colorful and varied in a manner not tells the thirst of science and truth students, not appointed to absorb and understand their effects, there is a literary trend, which dealt with that era narrowly limited, and walked to the method of thinner is not conducive to a specific or clear concepts about the outcome, and lacked a constant balance emanating from the Islamic call itself can be measured by the facts of that era, and perhaps this the trend was aimed at the literary language only away from the visions ideological, and there Silent direction closed who sees not eat that era looks absolutely and study, but it came to the warning limit of trying to examine the facts and events on the grounds that it could lead to abuse probably some dignitaries and gatherings to which they belong, and there direction Almmali flatterer who has just praise and praise, has spared no effort to turn things upside down and the amputation of the facts in order to straighten the facts of that era and the positions of the owners in a manner hard to believe or extradite him for the average reader to other styles and trends which was often fail to fulfill faithfully the purely scientific research, which ultimately leads to sensitize the reader to the nature of that era, and visibility around, and concluded her objective assessment, and determine their relationship.