The Required Planning Indicators of the Preservation and Development of the

AbdulJawadHasan Aziz

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 26, Pages 251-266

Mostof historical city center (H.C.C) are changed and expanded gradually ,through years .They are grow ,so people rebuilding them as parts not as acomperhansive view. H.C.C changed because of modern civil changes , the growth people and transportation changes made aprussure, so as rehabilitation projects and urban conserve did .
All that led to slumbs area in the urban fabric of H.C.C. As ahole most of H.C.C. have been destroied ,som of them lost their traditional function as acultural or comertial or religous or historical center.
The most important matter is the decision of which is the historical areas to conserve at first and its boundiries , activities and the suitibale changing in it. As we know replanning of H.C.C. is one of complicated problems because of alarge number of historical buildings which need to study and analysis to find asutible solves to we need acomperhensive planning indicators to conserve and rehabilitaition H.C.C.