Rainfall Salty and it dangers about Pollution

Abdul- Kidam Ali Jabeir; Kifah Al- Assady

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 6, Pages 69-107


The acid rains consist of gases that contains sulfur dioxide and Oxygen with ultraviolet rays.
The rains acidity was increasing with the industrial revolution as result of the huge discharge of the Sulfur dioxide nitrogen and carbon which discharged to the atmosphere with the burning of fuel such as coal.
The acid falls are not necessary to be rains ,snow or fog, the acid complex might be dry ,so the acid rainfall , from the Chemical point of view is all the air falls that arrive land or earth in all its forms, dry and damp. The rains acidity is not fixed during the whole year, rather it differs from one season to another.
The acid fall has clear negative effects on rivers, lakes, sand, human heath and on building and ruins.