The educational effect of Jamalul-Deen Al-Afghany in Al-Najaf Al-ashraf

Sami sheheedMashkoor; Tahseen Mohammed Ridha

Adab Al-Kufa, In Press

Jamaluddin Al Alafghani bore on his shoulders the concerns of the Middle East and the Arabic nations which were severely influenced by the corrupted ruling of ottomans. The corruption covered all the institutions including the educational institution which reached the uttermost degree of the corruption .he started his reformative revolution first in Najaf Ashraf ; the city that embraced him while he was student and fed him with her sciences , thought and morals . he tried to update and renew some of the researches methods used in its schools and fix some of the traditions and norms that the society used to adopt . after that he moved with his reformative revolution to Cairo of Egypt but in wider range . in Egypt he collected all the Egyptian intellectuals who studied at the important educational institution like Azhar trying to fix what was deteriorated by the fatawaaltakleedwhich froze the mind .these intellectuals worked on wakening the society by relying on newspapers , scientific and cultural magazines , literary forums and civil societies