Arab universities' role in society service in the terms of their social responsibility

Zerzar Al-Iyashy

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 32, Pages 247-272

The study aimed to highlight the role of Arab universities in the activation of community service valuable light of its social responsibility, and despite growing interest in the last ten years on the concept of social responsibility has become a community looking forward to it to address the social problems that increased aggravation and influence in the world, but that the level of the Arab interest in social responsibility is still going slow and unclear, and therefore the study is particularly important because the criterion of the success of the university and its mission defined in the establishment of the relationship and documented so it is a call to the need to link the university community and the environment rather, the dominance of the environment at the university programs and the inevitability of their participation in various events to be the voice of the community and with the nation's conscious and class that holds concerns.