Run-on in the poetic works of ShawqhiBezai'e

ReheemKhraibutAtiyah Al-Saidy; Israa Mohammed Ridha Al-Akrawy

Adab Al-Kufa, In Press

Researcher name: Ph.D. student Israa Mohammed Ridha Al-Akrawi and Dr.RaheemAl_Saedee/ Address: Iraq/ Holy Najaf/ University of Kufa
Research title: Running lines in the Poetic Works of ShawqiBezaie
The purpose, methods and results of this research is to shed light towards a musical phenomenon in the poetry of the poet ShawqiBezae which is running lines acknowledged in the Arabic poetry which lies between the two parts of the same line. In spite the fact that his works are always written in the free style of poetry, but he adopted this rhythmic property in most of his poetry. The research was supported by the opinions of some of the critics to reveal the nature of this phenomena and to what extent it has reached as well as it’s indicative musical effect in this poetry.