Sanusi Mission in Birqah 1837-1859 Comparative Historic Study

Jasim Mohammed Shatab

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 27, Pages 255-318

This research had deal around Sanusian Organization and its appearance factors, because it was reformative Islamic movement, had attached firmly with the life of its establisher Mohammed Bin Ali Al-Sanusi , his lineage , his juristic learning, and his jihad or struggle for establish his movement, and the reasons which was attached it with Cyrenaica . The researcher had taken up in his research to more important principles of this movement and its relations with another movements and Islamic faiths, particularly Wahhabi Movement , and had taken up in his research also Al-Zawaya ( small mosques)of Sanusian Order system , as it was construction units Sanusian Social from All sides , economically, socially , religiously ,and politically .the researcher had deal also to a Sanusian brothers(Al-Ekhwan) ,them origins , the ranks in the order , and the role which were carried for consolidation the Sanusian organization, spread its ideas , and defeat away from its principles .