The era of Taher bin al-Hussein to his son Abdullah "a study in administrative policy through the book of the history of the Apostles and kings of Tabri"

Adab Al-Kufa, In Press

The research is an assessment of the entrustment letter of Tahir, the leader of the Tahirian family and "Wali" governor of Kharasan "Persia" in the era of Muslim Calif "Al-Maamon " TahirIbn Al-hussein to his son Abdullah , who later was appointed as the Wali of Riqaa the document was mentioned in the history of prophets and kings of author AbiGaffar Mohammed bin Jareer AL –Tabari , chapter 11 Ledenedition of (1882-1883). The entrustment litter is high significance administration in considering the fact that it is comprehensive to the Arabic Islamic adadministration policy in all its dimensions Additionally , it is considered administration policy portfolio that can be read and revised its interpretations in any time . it is worth to de read by policy –makers who aspire to establish Islamic style systems . the longevity of the entrustment letters and its comprehensive had us focus specifically the distinctive features and duties of the governor that form the main axes of the research paper .