Sanctuaries in Al-Najaf al-Ashraf and holy Kufa cities on internet by using GIS

Abdul-sahib Naji Al- Baghdady; Ali HameedSa

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 30, Pages 55-80

The GIS applications on the internet is one of more important application and modernity , this technology is attending by create a maps and share it on the internet to became for all GIS users.
Web GIS is the high benefits for more applications , same tourism , traffic , and the digital maps Of cities , … , etc.
This research is come to create a maps , show the religious sites (graves , shrines , and mosques ) in the holy Najaf and Kufa cities by using Geographic Information Systems ( GIS ) , then share this maps on internets by ( Web GIS Applications )