Semaayanat the Place in Poet )more than water sad) for Sameh Al-Qasem

Asker Ali; Mohammed Raheme

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 34, Pages 211-230

This research tries to discover place indication in one of the most poems of sameeh Al Gasem, as one the greater poets of Palestine. Time & place are two basic components in every work, and discovering their indications help us in better understanding to literary work.
This research based on scientic-critic method tries to study the place & its role in “Ashad men Al-ma hoznan” for Sameeh Al-Gasem, as one of his greatest poems and most visited by reader, and appeared for us through scientific investigation that the place has main role in discovering poet purposes. The poem is started with closed place full of despair “land, behind window” and ended with closed ones, and through poem, places denote prison & despair overcome places denote freedom & revolution & optimism. This means overcoming the realistic aspect the revolutional one, and denote that the poet attitude toward the revolution issue has been changed somehow, if it was based on unrealistic aspect