The Road of Imam Hsussein Anniversary(pb.u.) in the Geographical Data Systems

Ali HameedSaad; ZenaAyadJaber

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 22, Pages 447-490

The Visit of the death of Imam Hussein is annual carnival dating to revive it millions of crawlings to Karbala , and crawlings way is the only place that those millions are passing through and in a shortly period so that the roads , services , security , the fore through and accommodation should be of a high capacity to assimilation and service these large numbers in one time.
And year after year the service , staff and supervising increases and made improvements to the performance and development of contexts and rising the capabilities.
From her the search comes to provide a geographical information database covering a region lacks to most of the responsible agencies to maps of their own , and in the same time enriching the libraries by researches of geographic information to demonstrate its role in the planning , development , and aggiornamento .