Political criticism in Al-Jawahiry poetry

Ali KadhimJawadSemaisem

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 30, Pages 175-216

The Poetry of Al-Jwahiri is a document and a history. Since literature is the essence of history, we can find within it events, culture, thought, struggle of modern Iraq and the Arab region and the attempts of the living peoples in its march towards justice and freedom taking the most sophisticated steps overcoming the romantic tendency during his era.
The document of Al-Jwahiri was mixed with an elevated art and a perfect well-formed language. He combined objectivity and aesthetics he also mixed his blood and pains, excitement with his carelessness as well as his hopes and wishes. He recorded history and participated in making history through subjective and objective methods. His poetry was imprinted in the imagination and thoughts of people.
It was Al-Jwahiri who called for solving the problems of Iraq which he suffered from till our time. Policy and struggle is what made his poetry a burning type of poetry and elevated his severe criticism and the political attitude is what made Al-Jwahiri an alienated loner wondering the countries of the world.