Iranian nuclear program ' a study in the rise and motive and the American attitude

edRizaij Edam

Adab Al-Kufa, In Press

Study on the Origin of nuclear program and the US motives and attitude from it.
the Search has sought to answer several questions one of the important is :what is the Iran justifications to develop the unclear program ? And what is the ways that the US used it to deal with Iran's nuclear program? For that reason the study divided to three chapters.
Chapter one deals with the Origin Iran's of nuclear program and it divided to two side the first one deal with nuclear program before 1979 while the another deal with nuclear program after 1979 .
Chapter two deals with the motives of the Iranian nuclear program it divided to three studies: the first one is about Political motivation and the second is about Economic motivation while the third deal with the Security and military motives.
Chapter three deals with the US attitude from Iran's nuclear program, it divided to three studies: the first is about the US attitude from Iran's nuclear program between 1945 – 1978, while the second the US attitude between 1979-2000. While the third deals with US attitude between 2001-2015.