The Effect of Peer-Assessment Method in Enhancing Iraqi EFL University Students’ Language Ability

Ali AbdulhusseinSagban

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 32, Pages 37-52

The present study aims at finding outthe effect of using peer assessment method on enhancing Iraqi university EFL students'language ability. To fulfillthe aim of this study, forty fourth- year students were selected to be the sample of the present study. Twenty students were enrolled in an experimental group that received instruction on peer-assessment. The other twenty students were enrolled in a control groupwhich was instructed on self-assessment. To collect data,apre-posttest technique was used.The findings indicate that the experimental group subjects’performanceinspeaking has been found to be better than that of the control group in the post-test.In the light of the results obtained,it is concluded that peer-assessmentis effective inenhancing language ability ofIraqi EFL learners.