A Study of Discontinuous Syntax: Hyperbaton with Reference to Some Biblical Verses

Muthana Fadhil Ali; Mahmood Bader Ali Al-Samea

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 16, Pages 11-87

Is climate change, and one of the most important problems facing the man and his environment to the overall elements and since ancient times, and today this problem has become one of the most serious challenges of concern to scientists, especially geographers of them, as it is this phenomenon to accompany the activities of human civilization after it was formerly a natural product embodies as witnessed in the land ofcomprehensive changes across the ages. Has also become a study with the effects of climate change is vital and essential, especially with the emergence of obvious effects on water resources in a number of countries in the world, as in the study area, and studies suggest that since the forties of the last century began a new direction in studies of global climate. This research was to shed light on the important issue of concern to those interested in starting, especially Almanakhien of them, namely the link between the change in the number of elements of the climate and its manifestations and changes in the properties of the Tigris River and its tributaries.
and consequent climate change in terms of temperature, humidity, rain, etc., is worth mentioning that the world, "Svante Arinos" is the first to launch the word Global warming in (1896), resulting from the increased quantities (co2) in the atmosphere by burning fuel. that the term climate change gives meaning enough to the terms (changing or fluctuating climate) who differentiate between them in the direction of the pace of climate in a period of time, that is, All that is happening in the climate fluctuation or change is meant a trend towards climate change. permission Climate change is the term given to the differences of statistical significance that occur on both (case middle atmosphere) and (contrast this case) that will last for a long time (relatively ) extend to several decades and more ..