Land Transportation Status Najaf

Mohammed Jawad Abbas SHabaa

Adab Al-Kufa, 2018, Volume 1, Issue 6, Pages 201-228

Transportation and ways system is considered as one of the cities elements the system and it regional connection contributed in supporting the city efficiency and performance of its jobs and satisfied the movement facility and fluency and connected the city with its regions and the regions within each other in addition it represented one of the elements to connect the settlements and the other system Najaf is just like the other cities where the land uses distributed between the ancient and the modern and to arrange the contemporary man needs hence it become very decessary to study the ways system and the extent of its harmony withe present and future mans needs.
The problem of transportation in najaf in increased offer spring 2003 with the arrival of the great number of cars and security decline which result in following precautionary measures by closing roads, installing blocks and chick point and this, in its turn, led to traffic jam, traffic accedentegdelaying and increasing pollution for the treatment, the planning is working together with the technical resolution in solving this problem, the precautionary measures can limit the results of this problem, hence laws must be applied by the driver, the traffic light should be take under consideration of every body and the roads spaces should be used the planning treatments include the optimum use of land in the city which allow to increase using the general transportation utilities and distributing the traffic attractions area to avoid the traffic jam in the city street.